Bringing together expertise in strategy, innovation and design to build a brand and customer journey ready for sustainable growth and brand distinction.

Our work

How we make change.

The insights (ICA)

Industry, Competitors and Activities.

Know where you are positioned and how you’re perceived in your Industry, highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your Competitors and explore the Activities within your business that are used to complete your end product. This analysis and insight into your business creates the brand foundation – the first footstep into the customer journey.

To know your Industry is to know your business. Where you sit and how you’re perceived in your industry is vital to creating your brand journey. Identifying you industry and you determine where you’re going to play and what the rules of the game are. At Brandd we use competitive strategy analysis to assess how attractive your industry is and pinpoint where your brand and customer journey can make you the authority in your industry, the benchmark for others to try and attain. Once we know the Industry we start the design process to get a feel for how your brand will stand out in the most crowded of markets.

To ensure you provide the best customer journey and striking brand that is noticed at every possible interaction we will analyse your competitors. These competitors will reside within your specific industry and we will map out the customer journey experienced by people who interact with them. We highlight the strengths and weaknesses of these competitors and produce an overall report including financial performance and feedback from potential customers who at some point must decide.

 “Invoice price minus Activities = Margin” where activities are all functions and processes within a business that are used to complete the task. At Brandd we understand that it’s not a good idea to do the same as your competitors in the same industry and expect to do better. We believe that the key is to study what works and adds value and what doesn’t. We want you to be different and impressive. Always evolving, listening and fine tuning the customer journey.

The Strategy

A brand strategy defines the how, what, where and why. How is your brand’s personality going to communicate to your customer? What’s the purpose? Where is your direction – the customer journey? Why is your brand different?

At Brandd, our strategic research is a fundamental process that ultimately creates recognition, differentiation, brand loyalty and value for business.

How does your business offer come to life for customers? At Brandd, we clearly define and articulate your brands purpose, values, personality and positioning – creating a compelling and engaging brand story that clearly defines your authenticity and brand proposition.

Experience strategy is the brands vision and ambition, visually and verbally. We develop a unique touch-point analysis that will clearly define the customer journey and brand ambition. It is this process that will construct the road map for your true market – ensuring an authentic and compelling journey.

A brand name is one of the most important elements of a brand identity, as it needs to define a unique offer, communicate effectively to a particular audience, capture a set of specific values, and look and sound good!

At Brandd, we use a brand naming process called MCL (Mapping the Competitive Landscape). This provides your brand naming process with two benefits; firstly, to see who we are up against and secondly, a clear picture of the playing field of trends and traditions.

What are your customers saying? At Brandd, we measure your customers voice using specific analytic research. We want your customers to become brand ambassadors – leaving positive reviews and constructive engagement through all forms of social media. Your customer’s digital voice helps us to continually manage your brands narrative through strategic action plans and responses.

The Experience

We bring your brand to life visually and verbally, building from our ICA and brand strategy, we focus on your unique touchpoint analysis by creating a customer journey that becomes so recognised and authentic trusted brand experience. Our goal; ensuring the decision making process becomes a natural choice.

Create and develop an inspiring customer journey that brings the brand and business strategy to life. Covering all possible touchpoints – ensuring brand inspiration and business growth through a compelling visual and verbal idea.

How is your brand experienced through all touchpoint possibilities? At Brandd we fully consider employer and customer engagement, ensuring an enhanced and innovative visual and verbal experience.

At Brandd, we create innovative and engaging visual and verbal identities explored through all touchpoint possibilities. Engaging identities set the goal posts for growth, captivate an audience and ensuring a compelling customer journey.

Your brands environment is the flagship and showpiece for your customers – maximising the experience through interaction, ensuring customer engagement whilst maximising sales. At Brandd, we turn space into a visual experience.

Innovative packaging and POS experiences that enhance brand loyalty. The customers journey is based on the willingness of choice, ensuring your products are authentic and engaging to maximise your sale.

At Brandd, we are also very conscious about the environment. Our ideas consider every aspect, from wastage to recycled and recyclable materials. A happy planet ensures happy people 🙂

How is your brand communicated through digital experience? Through applications, interfaces and websites, we create and develop interactive and innovative digital brand experiences collaborating with development and design.

How does your brand communicate to your audience? We illuminate your brand strategy, bringing this to life through your brand story – delivering maximum engagement to your audience.

Your brand needs a voice to communicate its unique personality throughout all your visual communications and writing styles. At Brandd, we create a unique tool-kit to direct your organisation into communicating a consistent brand language internal and externally with maximum audience engagement.

Written content needs to communicate your brand effectively and consistently – whilst remaining loyal to your brand narrative. At Brandd, we develop written content for all communication platforms from printed materials through to your digital strategy with continual audience engagement.

Brand for life

We can manage and maintain your on-going brand communications, create engaging launch strategies, ensuring the very best customer journey and experience. Maintaining brand consistency, whilst building and managing your brand assets successfully – always prioritising the customer journey and continuously seeking innovation.

Introducing your brand into the market place needs a strategic plan to launch and implement successfully. We bring together all aspects of the brand development from the strategic beginnings to the visual experience.

A brand is for life. Maintain the structure of your brand narrative, communicate consistently your brand voice and all visual communication. At Brandd, we develop playbooks and visual identity guidelines for internal and external use – ensuring brand consistency and flexibility.

Our aim is to introduce a consistent experience across all of your brand touchpoints. At Brandd, we’ll implement all your brand assets across all business marketing applications, from digital development and printed materials – ensuring a successful launch.

At Brandd, we focus on embracement, training and attracting employees to long-term change through core values and the brand purpose. We want to inspire not just your customers, but also all current and future employees as an inspiring workplace with an attractive brand proposition – committed to growth and continual engagement.



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